Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beardies!! Photos! Ki!

Last night was Ping's puppy class. Since I will have to miss the last one, it's our second to last class. Already!!  We are doing Sylvia Trkman's puppy tricks class too, so although Ping is probably not physically big enough to start even ground work, we'll have plenty to keep us busy for a while.  We might repeat the class, I guess we can decide later.

I think Ping is going through another growth spurt. She seems...bigger. I should weigh her, but I am so busy training her and cleaning up after her. By 10 p.m. I just drop onto my bed and pass out!

Our instructor, Pat White, stopped after the end of class to say specifically how wonderful Ping is doing. She IS a pretty smart puppy considering she is a crazy nerd goofball.

That bar is coming down, mom, sooo sry, kthxbai.

These two are from last weekend's agility trial at WAG. The photographer also got one of Ki's butt leaving the table early, and I was tempted to buy that one too but I restrained myself.  I can take a photo of Ki's butt anytime.
Dog walk in Open Std, he blew off this contact, actually.

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