Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Last Friday I drove up to Redding with the two Labs, Splash and Jewel, and Ki-Ki. We stayed with our friend Beth and her two mini-Aussies, her Border Collie Paige, and her foster dog Retta.  The next morning we loaded up my crew and Retta and drove to Bend. It's a lot further than I thought! It took almost five hours each way.

Ping breeder lives in Smith Rock State Park. Like, right in the park.  Here's what it looks like there.  Beautiful area.

We got the new girl and started the long drive home. We didn't get back to Redding until after 10 pm. Beth's dogs were very happy to see her!

We slept in a bit the next morning, then I loaded all FOUR dogs up and we hit the road to Sacramento.  Go in about 2pm and went straight out to the yard with all the dogs to get used to one another.

I did some clicker loading Sunday night, and on Monday started working on free shaping. I got a sit and a down. We worked in the yard on some weeding and just spending time together.

Starting early Monday morning, Ping had some problems with diarrhea. It got progressively worse through Monday early afternoon, and then she starting vomiting. We headed off to the vet and she got fluids, Lomotile and Flaygal.   We did a full screening including culture.  Preliminary results show giardia, which makes sense since Ping was a country dog.

Today, I re-watched the crate games video.  We did stage 1 and 2.  I was unable to use the leash, as Ping is in no way leash trained. She thought the leash was a toy and a reward.  Since she's so good off leash (country dog!), I took the leash out of the picture for now. I have to work on walking on a leash as a separate trick. Once we have that, I'll add the leash back into the crate game.

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