Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday night lights

Around here, Friday night is pizza puppy night. Ping went for a stroll outside on leash. Since she is from the country, she isn't really used to leash walking. It's so interesting watching her react to what she sees. We went only as far as the next house, then across the street to visit a friendly neighbor.  She was unsure of the cars, and really unsure of motorcycles, and really really unsure of the stupid kid with the motorized skateboard (good judgement call there, Ping!).  She was not at all afraid of the rattly old truck thought -- clearly she's seen that before, and she followed it with her eyes trying to see who might be in it.

We also worked on crate games a very little. Mostly tonight we worked on NOT JUMPING UP ON MOM.  She prefers to jump up and bite at my nose when she is very pleased.  I prefer a sit!

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