Friday, April 05, 2013

Another one!!!

We are all loading up in the car in a few minutes to go get our new puppy, Ping. Ping is an almost 5 month old Border Collie female.

Splash will be TEN YEARS OLD on May 13!  It's hard to believe I've had him that long, and that I've had a blog almost as long.  I remember the old Dogs With Blogs group, we were one of the first. Our first great friends were Cal the WonderDog, and Johann The Dog.  How time flies.

Ki is now 4 1/2 and he is doing well in agility. He would be doing much better if he wasn't saddled with a crappy handler. We are working hard to become a smooth team. Ki is very sensitive to the least motion, and I think his job in life is to force me to be a smooth, consistent, and reliable teammate.

However, it's time to get a new pup going.

In class just two weeks ago, I mentioned to my instructor, Kathie Leggett, that I was starting the search for my next pup.  She said she'd look for me and see if there was any litters upcoming.  The next day, she emailed me about a lone pup left from a litter born last November!  The litter was bred by an old friend who did agility at one time. Nowadays she uses her Border Collies on sheep and cattle.

The little girl pup with the panda markings was spoken for, but the woman had some medical problems and in the end it just didn't work out.

We haven't even met Ping yet...we are heading out today to go meet her!  So exciting! Except for Ki who will Not Be Pleased.

I'll post photos soon!

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