Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cookies, they are magically delicious

Tonight we went to Petco to practice my heeling. Our next lesson in Monday and we've only done our homework once so far in almost two weeks. So we are a little behind.

I was very good, though. We heeled with attention while a family came in with a Springer Spaniel. The dog was so out of control, and the man was kind of embarrassed. But it shouldn't be such a big surprise for him, 'cause you should have seen the kids! When they couldn't get their dad's attention they started yelling "Dad Dad Dad" and running around the store. The little boy was on roller skates and almost ran into me. If those parents can't train the kids, no wonder they couldn't train that poor spaniel. Actually the spaniel was better behaved than the kids.

Anyway, despite all this, I just looked at my mom while we walked around. She says I am very good and reasonably smart too.

Then, we bought some cookies, one bag for big dogs, and a small bag for puppy dogs. I guess Jewel gets the small bag.



Pimm said...

You know, Splash, if a dog's family won't work out the training issues then the dog has to step in and do it himself. I'm sure that spaniel was doing the best he could but, unfortunately, spaniels are notoriously bad people trainers.

I like the cookies made with liver almost as much as I like ice cream.

Freda said...

Good for you, Splash. I still am not that good meeting some dogs, but not all dogs get along. Just like the two-leggers I guess. My mom found some great liver treats at Trader Joe's and I love them. I will certainly 'heel' for those things. And I really like it when my humans put some of them in my 'Havaball' or 'Kong' toys. I roll them around to get them out. Sometimes, though, I try to get them out by just licking. I can do it with the 'Kong' toy but not the 'Havaball'.
Keep up the training. It will pay dividends in the end.