Sunday, March 27, 2005


We got a green ribbon! We didn't score very well, but hey the wind was up, it's spring, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping....anyway, we qualified and got our first Novice Rally leg.

Waiting in the car 

Here's the course all set up 

I won a green ribbon! 


Freda said...

Congrats Splash!
Way to go. A green ribbon. The only ribbons I get are after I get a bath and my nails done. Do pink ribbons count?
Like you said, the wind was up, the sun was out, the spring birds were singing AND you were on leash.(If my human read the rules correctly.) We all know that those leashes are so restraining.
Does your human get anything or just a pat on the head?
Again, congratulations.


Charlie said...

Congratulations, Splash! You look great in your green ribbon!
- Charlie

Heidi said...

I like da green ribbon. You're very schmart lookin dere Splash!!!!!!