Monday, March 14, 2005

Party all day

We are very tired. Yesterday was Sunday, which is not a mom-work day. We slept late and got up at 5 am when Jewel woke everyone up because she had to go out.

Then, because the weather was so nice we worked in the yard. Jewel got to play in MY POOL.

Playing in the pool 

Still playing 

Still playing......! 

Later I played with Jewel under the coffee table. Note to the guy at Starbucks who said I was fat -- I can still fit under the coffee table. I prefer to think of myself as sleek.

Under the coffee table 


L^2 said...

Great Blog!!! My Labs are jealous, it's not warm enough here for them to play in their little pool yet, but they keep begging.

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Wow, you have the same coffee table I want to chew on at my friend Haley's house.

A pool is nice to drink out of in the summer, unless the toddlers have been playing in it for awhile, then it seems like it's more like a poddy spot instead of a drinking pool.

And thanks for clearing up that thing about the yellow lab/golden retriever mixup!

Freda said...

Remember you have to share things with Jewel. My humans had to share with their sisters, even if they didn't want to. But I really can't comment, because I am an only dog and don't have to share with anydog. Oh, I was reminded that I do have to share when Tule comes to visit. I guess you're right, Splash, I don't like to share either.

Pimm said...

You look very svelte to me! Ignore those Starbucks people unless they're slipping you some coffee cake. Some people think I'm chubby, but my mom says I just have big bones.

Joan said...

Splash: You look plenty sleek to me! And it was very kind of you to share your pool with Jewel. And it was even kinder of you to play under the coffee table instead of chewing on its corners (like our Elsie does).

Baxter, Elsie, and Ridge can't wait to play in their pools, but the temperature is only in the upper 30s here in SE PA. We still have a month or two to go until the pools come out!

Oh, btw, I hope you don't mind, but Elsie, Baxter, and Ridge (your distant Lab cousins) thought it would be fun to add your blog to their Lab Tails blogroll. :o) Now more humans can read about your adventures.

Splash said...

Summer comes early here, but I'll be whining come August when it's 100 in the shade!

Thanks to everyone for your nice comments about my figure. Mom already has me on a diet, and I don't want LESS food. I get a bunch of veggies, but I'm still so hungry.

Cal and Elsie, that coffee table is tasty but I know I'm supposed to chew on other things. And there are lots of other choices.

Kiwi's Mom said...
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Kiwi's Mom said...

::waving:: HELLO!!! Kiwi wants to come play in your pool, it's too cold here too!

Heidi said...

Is dat how you got your name? Splashing in your pool? I vish it vas varm enough to play in da pool here. Maybe in another month. UGHHH!