Thursday, March 10, 2005

My to-do list

Last Monday we had both agility and obedience. That was great. Afterwards, mom made me cookies.

Here's our list of stuff to practice:
(1) Heel in big circles with varying number of steps so I don't know when the click will be and so I have to work real hard
(2) Come in to front, but now I have to come closer and bumping mom is okay now but before it wasn't so I'm a little confused by that. I think mom is too.
(3) Stand up from a sit with mom at my side. That's dead simple.
(4) Stays for about 20-30 seconds with major distractions like when we are outside the Starbucks and everyone is noticing how handsome I am and they are right of course.
(5) Mom has to figure out what exactly she wants from me regarding the dumbbell. She says she has to think that one over so we are taking a break from that game, although that game is one of my favorites.
(1) Mom has to move the big heavy board to the back yard and set it on the PVC bump so I can work on 2O/2O some more because I seem to have forgotten where my back end is. I can start near the end of the board if mom says it is okay.
(2) We also have to set up the weave poles now that it is spring so I can go through those.
(3) Jewel has to start on the tunnel now that she knows all about the bobble board.


Freda said...

Finally got through. Have been trying since last night.
Your schedule looks too full for me. You're like that bunny, you just keep going and going. I have enough energy for a short sprint after a bird or rabbit and then back for a nap. My humans try to run with me but I'd rather walk.

With all your practice you and your human will be going to the agility trials in no time. Keep up the good work.

Freda said...

I'm going to give my humans a hint about the doggie cookbook and maybe I'll get some neat treats for the Easter treat hunt.

Splash said...

We have been having trouble posting too, I guess they got it fixed.

Re. the to-do list, we just do a couple of things each night. I have to get my brain tired out every day or I start looking for things to chew up.

Last night we went to the big Borders/Starbucks/Jamba Juice/Chipotle place and did heeling. One guy told my mom I was fat! NO! I'm sleek!

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Doggie cookbook, wow. My humans are lazy but thinking about that too. Instead for now, they switched me over to Doc's all natural dog food. USDA says it's good enough for human consumption but when my humans open up the can they are glad to let me have it all. Which is fine by me!