Thursday, March 17, 2005


I like to play games with Jewel. I don't always get to, because I'm so big compared to her. But she's growing fast (see chart at right). One of our favorite games is tug o' war. I let her win sometimes.

Tug o' war (right to left: me, Jewel, Mike who is annoyed by the game in general) 

Still playing..... 

Training report follows:
1) worked on go outs to the Alley Oop target
2) worked on that darn dumbbell thing. Now I'm totally confused, so we went back a few steps. Just don't get that. I think it has something to do with backing up...?

Jewel says she is going to the Alley Oop about 5 feet away. She is working on NOT biting mom when she is following mom. Also, she had two accidents this morning. Next she is going to work on "go to your place". I think that one's dumb, my place is next to mom, so I was never very good at that.


Freda said...

That's nice you let Jewel win once in a while. She is growing pretty fast and will soon figure out that she is the 'Queen' of the house. So enjoy your status now.

The 'Alley Oop'. Is that dancing to The Hollywood Argyles' song? That was one of my dad's first singles that he bought. Yea, a single. Vinyl and all that stuff.

When my human use to work at the zoo, he was responsible for purchasing the clickers used to help train several different animals, hyenas, gorillas and wild hunting dogs. By the way, how do they taste? I don't think they were used as snacks at the zoo.

Heidi said...

Looks like Jewel is fitting in very vell. Are you getting use to her now that she likes to play tug of war?

Cal the Wonderdog said...

That "not biting your human when they are following" thing is so hard when you are a puppy. I would always want to herd the kids in the backyard and nip them like sheep to get them in a circle.
Strange, now that I think about it, but that's instinct I guess. Human instinct can be just as strange from what I'm seeing . . .